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„For me, comfort is a heating
system that automatically
adapts to our requirements.“

What is the comfort manager for your heating system?

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What is the comfort manager for your heating system?

Heat means feeling good. Within your own four walls, heating is an important comfort factor. Wilo-Geniax offers you the maximum in comfort and efficiency, because the modern comfort manager for heating controls each heating system to an optimum performance level. To achieve this, Wilo-Geniax automatically adjusts its heating power to your personal requirements. Small pumps replace the throttle valves - in underfloor heating and in the radiators in every single room. This means heat is only provided when it is actually needed. Your rooms will then be brought to the individual temperatures you want, at exactly the right time. These temperatures are maintained precisely even under changing conditions; for example if there are additional heat sources such as a party with many guests. The refreshing cooling function in conjunction with a heat pump provides maximum comfort during the warm summer months1).

This is the new principle of the world's first comfort manager for heating: Wilo-Geniax. An innovation that offers a new dimension in comfort and living quality. And the best thing is: Wilo-Geniax maximises your living comfort and saves heating energy at the same time. Discover the system in the 3D-house interactively.

1) Passive cooling in conjunction with underfloor heating and heat pump

All the advantages at a glance

  • The ultimate in heating and operating comfort ensures your well-being through:

    • Excellent temperature stability
    • Quick heating function
    • Cooling option 1)
    • Individual time profiles
    • Occupied/unoccupied function
    • Room-by-room temperature control

  • 20% saving in heating energy (oil, natural gas or other fuels) and 50% electricity savings compared to conventional heating systems 2)
  • Energy saving increases the value of the building in the long term
  • With underfloor heating systems in particular, the percentage saving is higher than with other technical energy measures
  • Window-open function prevents the waste of heating energy when ventilating
  • Lower heating energy and electricity consumption reduces environmental pollution
  • Prize-winning design with harmonious shape and colour
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1) Passive cooling in conjunction with underfloor heating and heat pump

2) Compared to conventional heating systems, confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. Certificate can be viewed at; according to a VDMA study, the saving potential compared to non-hydraulically synchronised is even up to 15% greater.

Living comfort in line with your requirements

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Wilo-Geniax makes it possible to heat only the rooms that are actually used. Simply enter the required heating times, and the system switches itself on and off automatically.

In time for your return home, the comfort manager makes sure that the comfortable temperatures you are used to will be established. This temperature is also maintained precisely under all circumstances. If the sun is shining or you are having a party with many guests, the comfort manager automatically reduces the heating power for this room, as a result of which you achieve maximum living comfort with minimum energy expenditure.

With Wilo-Geniax, you will also enjoy a warm bathroom in the morning as soon as you get up for your morning shower – without energy having to be consumed unnecessarily all day long. And, if you and your family require additional heat unexpectedly, such as after a walk on a cold winter day, the quick heating function rapidly delivers comfortable temperatures for your home.

Sustainability pays off in the long run

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The intelligent, demand-oriented control of the comfort manager significantly reduces energy costs. The independent experts of Germany's TÜV have measured 20% heating energy savings and 50% electricity savings, and certified these results2). Practical experience shows that the heating energy savings are even well above these certified values. This careful use of energy resources pays off more than just financially. The environment also benefits in the long-term from your decision for greater living comfort. This is because reduced electricity consumption makes direct reductions in climate-damaging CO2 emissions, at the same time as reducing your personal carbon dioxide footprint. In this way, you make a significant contribution to minimising consumption of our finite fossil fuel resources. This is good for you and for the generations to come. The renowned "EcoDesign" prize offered by the German Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency for Wilo-Geniax confirms the comprehensive sustainability of the overall system.

2) Compared to conventional heating systems, confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. Certificate can be viewed at; according to a VDMA study, the saving potential compared to non-hydraulically synchronised is even up to 15% greater.

Greater quality of life through excellent design

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Wilo-Geniax is characterised by an ingenious, confidently stylish design. It blends harmoniously into every living environment and shines out with a simple, self-explanatory structure which gives you access to all settings at the touch of a fingertip. This means that Wilo-Geniax combines a high level of living comfort with ease of operation in an exemplary way. The elegant combination of form and function has been recognised by specialists with the renowned red dot design award.



Reference Gietzelt - Living comfort at the push of a button

Commissioning in 12/2011, approx. 194 m² heated area

First it was the appreciable improvement in comfort, then the significant contribution to the energy efficiency of their new home that convinced the Gietzelt family to choose the decentralised pump system. Whilst building their new detached house in Dresden, the family quickly selected Wilo-Geniax. After all the interested home owners had been aware of the system ever since its market launch. Now, the family members can enjoy warmth and comfort every day in their home equipped with underfloor heating. This is because all rooms always have the required and set temperature – at any time of day and irrespective of how cold it is outside. The system is controlled by the family members via a central user interface in the kitchen/living room. This means comfortable temperatures can quickly be adjusted to the different requirements and times of day. The bathrooms, additionally equipped with radiators, are as warm as desired especially during the times of most use in the morning and evening, while the temperatures are reduced automatically during the day and at night in order to save energy. The family of four is completely thrilled by this outstanding control accuracy combined with ease of operation. For them, Wilo-Geniax is not just a way of controlling the heating, it also adds up to push-button living comfort.

Stefan Gietzelt, Owner and Advertising Consultant

einfamilienhaus gietzelt st

"I had heard about the decentralised pump system years ago and had been very interested ever since. When it came to building our house, we deliberately selected this efficient and convenient way of distributing heat. The best thing about the system is that we can control it entirely individually according to our needs. During the day, we have a pleasant 21 °C from morning through to evening without interruption. In the evening, we simply turn the temperature down a bit or switch it off completely depending on how we are using the particular room. The situation with normal thermostatic valves is by no means so easy and precise! We have pleasant temperatures everywhere, and we can set everything using the user interfaces. This means I can program the timing and temperature for each room. Above all, I like it that the heat in the bathrooms is brought precisely to our ideal temperature just when we normally use them, without us having to turn up the heating in the evening before or in the course of the day. That's really outstanding. It is always constantly warm here, even when the temperature outside has been very frosty, like it is sometimes in winter. I didn't get that with conventional heating systems, and that's what I think is really great – you never have to freeze. Once we have established our optimum temperature and set it on the room user interfaces, we hardly have to make any further adjustments to the system. Operation is also really simple. Once you've tried it out, it's easier than operating a mobile phone. We are thrilled with it."

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