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„Geniax gives me
the certainty that my
planning will be optimally

Geniax gives me the certainty that my planning will be optimally implemented.

Convenience and security.

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Planning means assuming responsibility. For compliance with all regulations, for efficient handling of resources, for prompt project realisation and for an optimum result. The Wilo-Geniax system simply gives you more security to help you fulfil this responsibility.

With the innovative Comfort Manager for a decentralised heating system, many small pumps supply each underfloor heating circuit or each radiator with hot water only when required. Heat is therefore only provided when it is actually needed. This way, an ideal temperature can be defined for each room, which is reached quickly and is also maintained in changing conditions. However, Wilo-Geniax not only ensures efficient indoor comfort, it also makes your everyday planning work easier. You prepare the pipeline network calculation with the usual parameters. The data are processed further and imported onto the Wilo-Geniax server by a skilled tradesman during commissioning. On the basis of these configuration data, the system automatically conducts a hydraulic comparison. This gives you certainty that each system with underfloor heating or radiators is optimally set - also in the critical partial load range.  Simply the way you planned it.

Efficiency as a system

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  • With its inclusion in the German Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV), Wilo-Geniax achieves the best possible ratings for heat distribution systems in all areas, according to the DIN V 18599 assessment basis. This offers you more planning freedom.
  • When planning wall insulation or other energetic measures, as well as the certainty of achieving demanding energy-saving targets more easily. Good for the environment, good for your customers and good for your image as a responsible, forward-looking planner. More than 60,000 installed components and 300 implemented projects now already make Geniax a well-proven and safe technology.
  • During all project phases, starting from the benefit analysis right up to commissioning, the intelligent networked system offers you remote access via SysManager. This way, you have full transparency about all important parameters and the certainty that your project is running exactly as you planned it. This forms the basis for you to create numerous advantages for your skilled tradesmen and partner companies.

Your advantages at a glance

  • The security that comes with a system that is also optimally hydraulically synchronised in the partial load range for the highest efficiency with verifiable energy saving of 20% (compared to a hydraulically synchronised system)1
  • Inclusion in EnEV in 2013 for easier verification of energy-saving effects
  • Integrable into building automation via BACnet or KNX
  • Low-cost alternative to building automation: a single-room control system with a focus on heating and cooling with graphic analysis option for the entire system
  • The intelligent principle of the decentralised system with many small pumps instead of a central pump ensures the utmost supply security and failsafe operation
  • Customised range of training courses and seminars for TGA planners and SHK skilled workers alike, for direct knowledge transfer
  • Broad support of the skilled trade by experts in the Wilo factory customer service department for trouble-free commissioning
  • Innovative change of technology enables impressive efficiency values and high savings in energy and emissions
  • Geniax is a well-proven technology - this is documented by numerous implemented projects
  • Sustainable heating technology strengthens your image as a progressive, environmentally aware energy expert
  • The utmost in home and living comfort for the users through high temperature stability, room-by-room control and time profiles, as well as utilisation profiles.

1) 20% heating costs and 50% electricity costs compared to conventional heating systems, confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. Certificate can be viewed at; according to a VDMA study, the saving potential compared to non-hydraulically synchronised is even up to 15% greater.

Reference - University of Wismar

Modern individual room control ideal for university facilities

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A university must deal with special challenges on a daily basis; for example, the constant change of room occupation. Therefore, the technical planner who was responsible for the modernisation of a three-storey seminar building at the University of Wismar, which was built in the 1960s, suggested converting the heating supply to individual room control using the decentralised Wilo-Geniax pump system. In addition to heat distribution in accordance with requirements during lessons, it allows individual and efficient control of the room temperatures on the basis of occupation plans. Programming on the basis of time and room temperature profiles can be conveniently carried out by the building management with a user interface with a touch screen and central control unit in the plant room. This provides considerably more operating convenience, as control valves no longer need to be switched on manually in the individual rooms and switched off again later. This saves significant time and even more energy in large buildings. In the occupied rooms, uniform, pleasant temperatures prevail and incorrect adjustment by the teaching staff or students is securely prevented. In addition to the increase in comfort through this precise regulation, higher energy savings are also possible. Due to the hydraulic comparison that Wilo-Geniax automatically induces, the entire heating system always operates within an optimum range. This is exciting for those responsible, users and building managers alike.

Wolfgang Humboldt, Chief Engineer in Operating and Building Engineering Systems, Operating Technology Department of the University of Rostock

hochschule wismar statement

"Since the completely refurbished seminar building of the university belongs to the properties of the University of Rostock, we monitor the system, together with the university, via remote access on the building control system. Virtually on a daily basis, we query the operating parameters of the system and can clearly establish that the system is operating faultlessly. The remote access is a very practical control instrument. This way, a staff member does not need to travel to the building in order to measure the on-site system. There was no fear of using the system for any of the participants, as operation is generally absolutely intuitive and easy to learn."

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