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The principle of comfort management for heating systems

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In the real estate industry, when it comes to technology, one thing is most important: any investment must be worth the cost and make building services as easy as possible to operate. This is where the main strengths of Wilo-Geniax come into play. The intelligent comfort manager pays off on every level: Wilo-Geniax increases the quality of the indoor environment and the property value while lowering your customers' energy costs and providing effective and efficient support in operating the heating system for your property.

This provides multiple benefits in terms of marketability
Wilo-Geniax keeps your heating system running at an optimal, efficient level and adjusts heat output based on demand. Small pumps supply underfloor heating in each room or replace throttle valves on radiators. Thus, heat is only provided when it is actually needed. The various rooms in residential, office, social services and educational buildings are individually heated to the desired temperature at exactly the right time, quickly and precisely.

This simple yet efficient principle offers your customers much greater comfort while at the same time lowering their energy costs. This in turn has a positive effect on their standard of living, thus increasing the long-term value of your property.

All benefits at a glance

Wilo-Geniax provides long-term investment security:

  • Proven, future-ready technology improves the indoor environment and increases the value of your properties
  • An investment in Wilo-Geniax pays for itself faster than other energy systems
  • Reduced energy costs ensure long-term customer satisfaction
  • Simple integration into building automation systems allows more efficient control
  • Low-cost alternative to building automation: a single-room control system with a focus on heating and cooling with graphic analysis option for the entire system
  • Durable heating technology strengthens your position as a technologically advanced, environmentally conscious operator
  • Winner of the 2012 German Federal Ecodesign Award from the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency

As an operator, Wilo-Geniax pays off for you in various ways:

  • Decentralised system with numerous small pumps versus a single central pump provides maximum supply and breakdown security
  • Pumps can be switched at any time during heating operation, even if the system is filled
  • Online remote access for facility management lets you easily manage and optimise the heating systems in your properties centrally from your desktop
  • Built-in online analysis tool allows proactive service and better control for the servicing engineer

Wilo-Geniax makes life easier for users:

  • Presence and absence function lets you customise heat output to the exact needs of the users
  • The selected temperature is precisely maintained even under changing conditions
  • Room control function lets the users control the temperature for each room
  • In addition to heating also cooling 1) functions possible
  • Reduced heat energy and power consumption is good for your budget and the environment
  • TÜV Rheinland certified savings potential 2)reduces heating costs by 20% and electricity costs by 50%
  • Stylish, well-crafted design, winner of the red dot Award
  • Reduction in climate-damaging CO2 emissions protects the environment

1) combinede with a heat pump or a cooling unit.

2) Compared to conventional heating systems, confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. The certificate can be viewed at Up to 15% higher potential energy savings versus hydraulically imbalanced systems, according to VDMA study

Economic efficiency

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Room and time programming functions support custom heat output and control your heat generator more accurately. Rooms are heated at the exact time heat is needed. Thus, no excess energy is wasted. This intelligent principle is proven to reduce heat energy costs by up to 20% and electricity costs by up to 50%. Lower utility bills directly increase the marketability of your real estate properties.

Reliable comfort

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Installing or converting to Wilo-Geniax will add state-of-the-art technology to your building. Multiple small pumps provide a better breakdown protection for the entire heating system. Facility management benefits from Wilo-Geniax, too. With SysManager, you can monitor, operate and service all of your properties via online remote access from the comfort of your desktop. Irregularities are discovered much faster, saving you unnecessary trips to the boiler room, as well as costly labour. Wilo-Geniax lets you analyse heating and other system data, identify inadequate building insulation and provide active energy-saving support to users.

Sustainability in the system

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Sustainability is a topic of ever-growing importance in the real estate industry. Energy efficiency and "green building" measures greatly help stabilise the medium-term value of a property. Through significant electricity and heat energy savings, the system also indirectly reduces CO2 emissions. The sustainability of the complete Wilo-Geniax system was recognised with the renowned 2012 German Federal Ecodesign Award from the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency. The Wilo-Geniax comfort manager is good for the environment and your budget: it pays for itself faster than other energy investments. The expandability of the system and its software components guarantees long-term usability under the latest standards.

Reference Guben - Wilo-Geniax in the retirement home

Heated comfort for the new Lebenshilfe home

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Lebenshilfe Guben provides care and support for people with disabilities, from small children to the elderly. In 2011, Lebenshilfe opened a new home for the disabled with short and long-term care facilities to better meet the high care needs of some of its residents. Interior comfort, particularly heating, was one of the most important criteria in selecting the equipment for building services. For heat distribution, Lebenshilfe chose the Decentralised Pump System. Wilo-Geniax optimally meets the organisation's diverse care and support needs as well as the varying temperature sensitivities of the home's 24 residents. The Wilo-Geniax system has been highly rated by residents and staff members alike. The staff is particularly happy about no longer having to turn individual thermostatic valves on and off. Rather, the necessary room temperature is maintained at all times, especially in areas where care is regularly provided, such as bathrooms. A key advantage is the ability to adjust individual room temperatures to the daily activities of the residents, as the time spent in certain rooms, and thus the amount of heating required, can vary greatly. For example, some residents leave the home during the day to go to work, while others who require additional care remain in the home the entire day. The staff is therefore very pleased with the automated temperature control function.

Rita Straka, Managing Director of Lebenshilfe Guben

Guben statement

"We wanted a heating system for the new home that was easy to control by both residents and staff. In the building, the radiators were constantly being turned on or off, which we couldn't control. Wilo-Geniax was therefore the ideal solution for not having to deal with radiators with thermostatic valves and being able to control the heat at all times while taking into account the individual temperature preferences of our residents, whose needs and sensitivities vary. If staff members or residents feel it's too cold, our trained employees are able to adjust the system, although this is seldom required. We are happy to have chosen the Decentralised Pump System."

Reference Brunata - Heat-efficient building concept with Wilo-Geniax

Decentralised pump technology provides innovation and efficiency

brunata metrona hamburg

Brunata Wärmemesser Hagen GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, was able to experience the flexibility and energy efficiency of the decentralised pump system first-hand. The company, which offers innovative energy management solutions for residential and commercial buildings, relied on Wilo-Geniax when constructing a new administrative complex as an expansion of the Brunata Metrona building. CEO Hubertus Hagen personally advocated for a Decentralised Pump System to ensure a consistent and, above all, efficient heating concept, ideally complemented by the building's high insulation standards. A special feature of the heating system is that the heating circuit for the Decentralised Pump System is fed by recirculated heat from the adjacent old building. This poses significant problems for conventional heat distribution – problems that Wilo-Geniax tackles easily. The system can handle low feed temperatures, allowing significant energy savings. The technicians who implemented the system praised its ease of installation. The building system engineers were especially pleased with the convenience and intuitiveness of SysManager. They were particularly excited about being able to control every single radiator from a central location. For CEO Hagen, Wilo-Geniax was the right choice in every way, and its use reflects positively on the company's innovative abilities.

Hubertus Hagen, CEO of BRUNATA Wärmemesser Hagen GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

brunata metrona hamburg sta

"When constructing our new office building, we made a conscious decision to use Wilo-Geniax because we wanted relatively high heating standards in the new building. Therefore, it only made sense to look for a solution that would allow the highest possible level of control and efficiency. As a company that is traditionally very familiar with measuring heat and water consumption and selling metering equipment, we were naturally very interested in the Decentralised Pump System and began following its development and market launch early on. Our development company in Zwickau, Metrona Union, began field trials to test the system. We were initially surprised by its complexity and intelligence and felt strongly that it was a good alternative to conventional systems. As far as energy efficiency, we don't yet have the empirical data to make a final conclusion. However, we've found the temperature control and temperature level here in the building to be quite pleasant. For future building projects, we will definitely consider using Wilo-Geniax again."

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