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The principle of the comfort manager for the heating


The principle of the comfort manager for the heating

Wilo-Geniax is the innovation in the heating and pump market which has proven its worth time and time again, setting global standards in the area of heat distribution. This is because the modern comfort manager not only reduces energy consumption; it also saves you valuable time and effort. The configuration data of the heating surfaces is input directly during configuration of the system, hydraulic balancing takes place automatically during commissioning.

Many small pumps instead of the central circulation pump supply each underfloor heating circuit or each radiator with hot water only when required. This means the system controls the speeds of all pumps and the power of the heat generator – also in the part-load range. Precisely according to the rooms that are heated as required.

Geniax – a technology with scope for future development

Whether they are living rooms or not, your rooms will be brought to the individually desired temperatures quickly, exactly and at precisely the right time. The selected values can be kept constant, even under changing conditions.

In this way, Wilo-Geniax combines energy efficiency with living and installation comfort in a unique way. This is because not only can you save yourself the considerable time and effort of manual hydraulic balancing, but Wilo-Geniax also facilitates your work in many other respects. See for yourself the performance delivered by the comfort manager, which can even achieve further optimisation of the latest and best heating system.

All the advantages at a glance

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This is how Wilo-Geniax makes your work easier:

  • Elimination of manual hydraulic balancing speeds up commissioning
  • This means the system complies with all laws and standards without additional working steps
  • The individual pumps can be installed and removed in a matter of moments without draining the system
  • Remote control by software permits rapid maintenance and service from your desk
  • Dispensing with thermostat and balancing valves in the detached house facilitates installation
  • No investment required in special tools for installation
  • Tailor-made training courses provide a smooth entry into innovative technology
  • Less time required for follow-up and outstanding customer satisfaction through maximum temperature stability with excellent fail-safe properties
  • Expertise in advanced systems gives your company attractive opportunities in the future market


This is how Wilo-Geniax makes life more pleasant for your customers:

  • Advance convenience functions provide the highest levels of comfort
  • The precise desired temperature is maintained exactly even when conditions change
  • Quick heating-up rapidly delivers comfortable temperatures at the push of a button whenever unexpected situations arise
  • Passive cooling is also possible with underfloor heating and a heat pump
  • The occupied/unoccupied function regulates the heating behaviour precisely according to personal requirements
  • Room-by-room control allows an individual desired temperature for each room, and thus for each occupant
  • Reduction in heating energy and electricity consumption reduces the burden on the budget and the environment
  • Savings potential certified by Germany's TÜV Rheinland1) confirms the sustainable security of investment
  • Buildings equipped with Geniax achieve much higher energy savings than indicated by certified values.
  • Wilo-Geniax pays off more quickly than other energy efficiency measures
  • Stylish, ingenious design a winner of the red dot award
  • Saving of CO2 carbon dioxide
  • Ausgezeichnet mit dem Bundespreis Ecodesign 2012 des Bundesumweltministeriums und des Umweltbundesamtes

1) 20% heating costs and 50% electricity costs compared to conventional heating systems, confirmed by TÜV Rheinland.

Reference - Wilo-Geniax in the primary school

Energy-efficient, flexible and pleasantly warm

Better heat distribution for use in the school

Commissioning in 11/2011, approx. 4,550 m² heated area

The variety of system advantages offered by Wilo-Geniax compared to conventional heat distribution is illustrated by use of the decentralised pump system in the South primary school in Bischofswerda. When it comes to modernising energy usage in the four-floor school centre, Wilo-Geniax makes an important contribution to reducing the heating energy requirements and thus eases the strain on the municipal budget – forecast consumption values have even been undershot. Furthermore, the decentralised pump system offers significant application and convenience advantages in the running of the school, and represents an optimum response to the requirements of different user groups: Thanks to functions such as quick heating-up, classrooms and common rooms can be brought to the required temperature particularly quickly – a decisive plus point in the Bischofswerda primary school which is following the concept of an "active school". This means the teaching personnel can decide whether to change classrooms at short notice, for example to give teaching in the library or workrooms. The flexibility of Wilo-Geniax provides optimum support to teachers and schoolchildren in giving them the freedom of choice. The integrated after-school centre, including a wide range of support schemes, demands individual and quick adjustments from the heating system. These can be made straightforwardly with Wilo-Geniax. As far as the building management is concerned, control of the system takes place via a central access point and the SysManager operating software, practically automatically. This means whenever the teaching personnel or other room users need it, the facility managers can ensure there will be a pleasant room temperature at any time. Wilo-Geniax has allowed the Bischofswerda school centre to meet the needs of users and operators alike by combining energy efficiency and user-friendliness. As a result, the decentralised pump system has once again proved its worth in the running of the school.

Axel Brisko, Managing Director of HSKG Modern Domestic Technology

Bischofsw statement

"Modernisation of the primary school was the first building project on which I had personally worked with the decentralised pump system. I think the idea behind the system is great, and the remote control option is ideal. For example, it is possible to adjust settings without me having to be there in person. For us as a plumbing business, implementing the system was surprisingly easy because the installation work is basically the same as in a normal heating system. It is a huge advantage that the pumps only have to be installed once all the interior work has been completed. This means the new system elements are not exposed to dirt and dust. Commissioning and adjusting Wilo-Geniax using the SysManager configuration software does take a bit of getting used to, but then it pretty much works by itself. I'm so impressed by the system, I'm going to get it installed at home."

Reference - Wilo-Geniax in the day-care centre

Flagship day-care centre: integrated and energy efficient

Decentralised pump system provides the necessary flexibility

Commissioning in 06/2012, approx. 1,164 m² heated area

Maximum flexibility in heat supply at the same time as great potential for energy savings; these were the aspects which convinced the city of Hanover to use the decentralised pump system when it came to building a new day-care centre for children. With a grant of funding from the Rut- und Klaus-Bahlsen Foundation, an organisation which supports charitable and non-profit-making projects, the new Rut-Bahlsen Centre is a model facility in many respects. The integrated day-care centre looks after about 80 handicapped and non-handicapped children from one to ten years of age. It is linked to a consultation centre for professional care and support. The facility pursues the open concept in which the children are not allocated to fixed groups, but can move freely within the care and function rooms. This means there is movement within the building throughout the day, in the rooms and above all in the corridors. Wilo-Geniax provides for pleasant temperatures in all areas. It is above all the flexibility in room heating that represents the decisive advantage of the decentralised pump system for operators and users. Quick heating-up means that rooms which come into use at short notice can quickly be brought to the required temperature. Intelligent control and temperature adjustment additionally ensure that areas that are in constant use will not become overheated – after all, children and teachers also generate heat which is output into the rooms. Using setback operation, all rooms can cool down during the night, but are returned to the full ideal temperature in time for the start of the day. Thanks to Wilo-Geniax, the Rut-Bahlsen day-care centre is not just exemplary in terms of its educational concept, but also its heat supply.

Professional Engineer Ralf-Christian Berner, project director for heating installation, from the Hartmann & Buchholz GmbH heating engineering and installation company

kita bahlsen statement

"Installation in the Rut-Bahlsen day-care centre was my first practical experience with the decentralised pump system. It is an intelligent solution for individual room control, and it is well worth us heating engineers getting to grips with it! Our experience with this project has been entirely positive. Certainly, you have to get used to the system a bit when you work with it for the first time, but the result shows that it is a truly worthwhile investment of time. Thanks to its speed of reaction and control accuracy, Wilo-Geniax meets the growing expectations of comfort that many consumers have. The potential for energy savings is another outstanding aspect. This is because the individual room control combines comfort and energy savings in one system."

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